Ahh… life on the orachard

7597CB36-D96C-487B-B422-24CCF54AB5E5Labor Day weekend is for relaxation and family gatherings and for me… well it was a good excuse to take a 45 minute drive to one of the most beautiful fun filled orachards in southern AZ. This past weekend was the opening of apple harvest season… one of my favorite times of the year where we get to enjoy all things apple.

Beau is almost 2 and at that fun stage in life where he can experience new things like picking fruit right off the tree and eating it (yes without being washed first… he’s all boy). He had fun strolling through the miles of apple trees and looking at all the beautiful bright colors of the orachards. What is it with boys and their sticks? He picked up a stick from one of the branches and had to have it. Beau wasn’t the only little boy with a stick.. in fact while we were in line to grab a delicious apple smoked burger for lunch… the ladie taking our order laughed and said “boys and their sticks, he isn’t the only one”.

Not only were the apples in harvest but boy oh boy we picked some perfect peaches along the way too. This called for my great granny Mertyl Elsie’s peach cobbler.

BA10E3DE-CC1F-4384-B9C7-2AA2E3820A6CI can’t write a blog and not talk about my easy going casual look…. tennis tennis tennis ladies… I see so many picture of women’s wearing cute outfits while taking their families to the orchards or the farms… which I love me a cute outfit but let’s be practical! Dirt paths and 85 degrees doesn’t call for a cute bootie shoe it calls for tennis shoes (maybe I shouldn’t of worn my white ones though.. oops)!!! If y’all have read some of my past blogs I talk a lot about having your favorite statement cut offs… well here are mine again paired with a cute camo tee that I recently grabbed at one of my favorite online boutiques called Instyle Auctions and Boutique (they are on fb). I don’t know what it is but I always have something wrapped around my waist whether it be a jean jacket or a sweater/sweatshirt. Simple simple simple for outdoor fun.

8B769980-6DB2-457D-B501-C8086E0AB27FWho said you can’t wear a simple outfit but have your full face on? If you follow me in my Instagram and Facebook y’all know that I’m a Younique cosmetics presenter. Mineral based, hypo-allergenic, cruelty-free makeup products and let me tell you ladies… I can where this full face makeup in rain , sleet, snow, and heat…. and it isn’t going anywhere!!! Follow me on my Facebook (Stephanie Rubin) for makeup tutorials. Shop➡️ Youniqueproducts.com/stephanierubin

I couldn’t think of a better way to have spent our Labor Day weekend. Apple Annie’s Orchard is a definite must visit if you’re ever in southern AZ. Stay tuned for their pumpkin patch and corn maze…. awww Fall/autumn oh how I love you so….

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