Summer dresses

03E29DC4-F063-4703-BDB6-0D432DFB4C8BWhen I think of Summer, I’m not just thinking of long days, dark tans, pool parties, and bbq’s! I’m thinking of stylish summer dresses that not only are super fresh and cute but some that are easy to wear and nice and cool. Summer doesn’t have to be all about the short shorts and crop tops that I’m seeing everywhere right now. Don’t get me wrong I love some of the 2 piece set outfits out there but whatever happened to a simple dress? I feel like I see less of them nowadays… maybe it’s just me!  I’ve pulled a few of my favorites out of my closet… some new and some older! 

827F7958-BA2A-4539-B4F4-EFD7AC86985EAhhh…. you can’t go wrong with yellow and white checkered or blue and white stripes….. I’m also seeing a big trend these days… off the shoulder! Simple and sweet is how I would categorize these 2!

2A607656-66E3-4B6B-A42F-E0F0CF72E248Ladies…. dresses don’t need to be pricey. Both of these are from old navy and I guarantee you they were each $30 or under. The yellow can be worn off the shoulder, one shoulder, or even on the shoulders… versatility at its best! This 🍑 peach/coral dress I have to say was my Easter dress a couple years back but it’s so comfortable and easy to wear… I dont move on from clothes very easily!

5318E768-EFF4-40E9-AD80-E360B5E81CB3Okay!!!! Seriously though… who loves a cute dress with a casual twist! Who said you have to dress up and dress ladies? Definitely not me because I would throw her on with a baseball cap in a hot second! This army green cutie with a tie back detail came from Marshals a couple of weeks ago! $24.99… 14C5002F-C81C-4EEF-8088-BA86A9ACC184I wore this on a day date with my husband a few weeks ago and got so many compliments! TJ Maxx!!! Tassel earrings are from Target and these wedges are… wait for it….. SKETCHERS!!!! Yes sketchers makes a wedge of you didn’t already know! These are the number one most comfortable wedge I’ve ever worn, and I’ve worn a lot! Loving the 2 different straps detail on them which I think allows you to dress them up or down!

9ADFD5F4-3B69-4B47-959B-45CAAE0DC406When I wear this dress, I feel like I should be sitting on a front porch, looking out onto a wheat field, and drinking my seeet tea! Dress is from Target.

4E1A1A88-EDCF-4D71-837A-37E88542AFA3And no surprise here… taking this dress from Summer right into fall just by adding some booties and a hat! Transitioning is my favorite! That’s how you create several different outfits out of fewer pieces!

Summer is a state of mind and happiness is cold 🍉 watermelon. Full of fun things to do and memories to be made! I’m going to try and set my phone down more often and make memories that no one knows about! Remember the tans will fade… but the memories will last forever! I hope you enjoyed taking a look at some of my favorite new pieces and some favorite older pieces! Remember you don’t need to go expensive… because the. You won’t feel as bad if you spill some ketchup at a bbq! 😉 🤭😆

5 thoughts on “Summer dresses

  1. All I do is wear dresses- I agree with how easy they are to wear. That green one is too darn cute, I love!!! Such a fan of the yellow gingham too; I’m always buying new dresses from old Navy!


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