Memorial weekend festivities and my favorite finds…

Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it… it flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it. 

Memorial weekend means more to my family then bbq’s and other outdoor summer fun. Some of you don’t know but I married into a military family. We honor Memorial Day and our fallen by visiting the grave sites for our hero’s near our home. Although we don’t make it out there every year… I can speak for the others when I say we each have a moment on our own to pray for each soldiers “down range” (something my husband would call it) and for the ones who haven’t made it home!

When my little family (my husband, beau, and I) go to visit my in laws… it’s always a lot of fun! Every once in a while we take a trip 30 minutes to good ol’ Tombstone, Arizona! Yes the real Tombstone… just like the movie! The old stomping grounds for Wyatt Earp and the gang! There is always good food at the saloons and gun fights… great shopping and just all around good old fashion Wild Wild West fun.

A fun tradition they carry on is finding people to reenact the gang!

We got to take our Beau for the first time! I think he might of been wondering “ why are all these people dressed funny”? Haha!

Ive probably told y’all before but my mother in law has a beautiful yard. She is such a green thumb. So we try to spend all of our time outdoors during spring and summer…Bbq-ing, swimming, hot tub-ing, and sitting around the fireplace having good conversation, food, and drinks!

Who else does Friday night pizza???

FEF7EA78-58FF-442E-ABEF-F7A7709DD633Ok I know I’ve told y’all about the good shopping we do in SV!!!! Here are some of my favorite finds I found this last weekend…

Skorts are back ladies and I love them! This cute khaki pleated skort was found at marshals along with this white front knot sleeveless cutie! How cute are these American flag inspired distressed cut offs from impressions online boutique??? Jean wired headband is from amazon ( I am such an amazon junky) and this cute pink head wrap is from Hartsandprarls! Like I’ve mentioned before I love pieces that I can mix and match and make several outfits out of.

AB744069-6E38-41C0-AE26-6352ACF05B79How adorable is this shirt and Pom Pom earrings from target? You saw it yesterday if you follow me in my instagram @stephanierubn (**follow me**)

989FD0C1-5C78-457F-80CB-A564D867999BThis long sleeve simple shirt is from marshals and I found it for $10 EEEEEKKKK!!!! I love good finds. Even though it’s way too hot where I live and will be for several months to be wearing long sleeve but I thought to myself… what a perfect shirt for fall and winter and I asked myself.. will I wish that I have it come that time??? Yes was my answer!

Summer time is a special time for family fun and memories especially when our children are young. I try to make the best out of every moment while Beau is still young! Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. — Dr. Seuss


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