Favorite hair products…

As a former hairstylist I love to share a good product when I see it. Over the years I’ve used so many different products… some good and some okay but certainly none like the ones I’m going to be sharing here today. I’ve been using these great hair products called Monat. Have you heard of them yet? Monat is a company that just launched a few years ago. Monat is the first of its kind to be anti-aging, botanically based, FDA approved haircare. Made in the USA and ring-a-ding-ding….. NON TOXIC. I was introduced to this product in the first year of its launch. Seeing results all over my Facebook newsfeed.. seeing the amount of healthy hair growth in such little time is what had caught my eye. Longer lasting vibrant hair color was a plus. Monat has products for all types of hair. Here are my favorite Monat products… 

2BBAEBC3-A211-4B20-A4A5-E6C4C04BF31BMy Monat Haircare collection. All of my go to hair products!

Lets start with a good wash…

BBB40578-5650-4609-A5A1-1EC1F9B2BED3These 3 products are the perfect clean wash. These are not a system. I have found that for me this mix and match trio is better for my hair verses using a system  all together. That doesn’t mean a system wouldn’t work for you… Revive shampoo is apart of their volume line. I love a good volume shampoo. The leave-in conditioner seemed to be the best for me especially since I live in a dryer climate. And last but certainly not the least… everyone should have a good masque in their haircare collection. Replenish masque is something I use once or twice a week. I leave in on my hair while finishing up my shower. This product replenishes my hair from all dryness and restores moisture at perfection.

BE7416C9-E9CF-4180-BF85-F1DBF4211628My favorite… styling products. This is where I see perfection in products the most. Style time!!! After washing my hair and towel drying… I like to brush/comb my hair out and apply my reshape root lifter in the area I want to see the most amount of lift. Immediately following I take a dime size of my blow out cream and start by applying it to the mid-lengths and ends and then what is left I’ve i will run it through the rest of my hair. Let me tell you these two products always and I mean always give me the perfect blow out and the blowout last me for days.

Did you know that dry shampoo doesn’t just have to be used on day 2, 3, or 4… I personally love to use this even after clean hair. It gives me even more volume and enough grit to style correctly. I’m not the biggest fan of super clean hair.  I have never been a fan of dry shampoo. In fact In the past I’m always tried to keep my clients away from it until now! Monat dry shampoo has made me a fan.

Beachy waves have been a “in” style for quite some time especially in the summer.   The Touseled Texurizing Mist is the perfect styling product for beach wave perfection. Not only beach waves but volume. It can be used before you air dry and before you blow dry for a more textured blow dry rather then a smooth blow out. It’s my personal favorite when I vacation at the beach and the perfect size to fit in your pool/beach bag.


I love being able to share amazing products and ones that I truely believe in. One more fact: did you know that Monat gives back a percentage of their profit to Farmers that grow and maintain crops in the spirit of gratitude for our planet… AMAZING HUH?


Go find your Monat distributor today and start enjoying your hair!!!!

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