Getting spring ready

prepping for spring in any way makes me all giddy inside. It’s full of bright colors, sunshine, warm weather, and daily walks to the park (for Beau and I). Here in Arizona spring comes earlier then most states (not complaining) so this week I’ve been doing some yard work and planting. I’m no green thumb by no means but I love a beautiful yard and view. Like I’ve said before… make your home a place you want to come home to. Make your home as if you’re always on vacation. So here is what’s been happening in my backyard oasis…. 

These are my babies. Just recently planted and are loving their new home! Nice pop of color.

579AD6C2-D28B-4FA4-85C4-6379A5C74349This is my Angelita Daisy. I sweet gift a friend gave me when I decided to become a stay at home mama. I can’t wait to see it grow.

134CC31F-FBCB-4E47-81E3-3447716EC70CMy red yucca. Grows Tall, drought tolerant, and hardy… just what I need and I have 2. They will look like this…

DA899203-716F-4EA2-BED0-9455F863047CNext are my blue iris and I have 4 of them lining the left wall. One of my dearest and longest former clients, my every Wednesday 10 am wet/set and style, gave me these roots from her flower garden and I can not wait to see these beauties blossom.

061BD117-6065-41A2-9596-C292D9A8A2EBThey will add so much color and grow into this…

1CC21156-E11B-4DBB-8760-55072A9CD11BSee so pretty…

you cant live in a warm climate and not have some sweet citrus trees. I have 2 lemons and one blood orange tree. I already have tons of buds on them and they smell so sweet.

630DD380-B288-47FA-AFC0-FAB38582ACA4Even though I love planting in my yard… my patio doesn’t get neglected so here is some of my patio planting…

Patios are important for outdoor entertaining which is something I love to do and wish I did more of. Outdoor living is Big here in southern AZ. After all we do have the best fall, winters, spring, and summer… well our summers might be long and a little too hot! This is my outdoor living….

I also love small spaces…. and this one is one of my favs!

30F78FFE-4257-4626-B724-C43FAC585D23We also love playing outside as much as possible. I couldn’t resist getting some shots of the cutest helper ever…

We’ve had a great 2 days of prepping and now we can just sit back, relax, and enjoy our spring! I hope everyone has a beautiful spring full of colorful things and full of blessings in life!!!

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