How to: shop smart

I’ve always been someone who loves a good bargain… who doesn’t? From my recent blogs you know that I like visiting stores like TJ Maxx and every once in a while I love a trip to a good Marshals and I’ll tell you the best Marshals is in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Bargain shopping isn’t the only kind of shopping I do… I love finding a great, one of a kind piece at a Boutique. Some of my favorite boutiques are… Impressions online boutique, marleylilly/mondaydress, Instyle Auctions boutique, Thefringedpineapple, and one faith boutique. Oh… and I can’t forget Okies. Okies is located in my hometown, Tuttle, Oklahoma. I visit this store at least twice when I’m in town. Knowing a good buy when you see it is key to smart shopping… ask yourself, is this something I can find somewhere else at a lesser cost? How many outfits can I get out of this piece? I love basics because they can make several outfits. I love “one of a kinds” because it’s usually something you can’t find anywhere else and maybe even something you’ll never get rid of. Here are some of my recent finds and ways to put affordable pieces paired with price worthy items… and of course my ootd! 

EFC9AF13-0E50-4236-B542-0491984D48ABThese are basics… cute, affordable, and can be paired with any bottom, shoe, or bag/purse. These are spring/summer ready essentials. TJ Maxx finds and under $30 for both!

96A602A8-A032-4626-BCF0-7648E51AD48DI can’t wait to wear this adorable outfit. Here is that cute pink and white striped, front knot top paired with my Levi 501 skinny’s (these 501’s I’ll never get rid of) totally worth the price. Hmmmm… which shoes? I can’t decide between these marleylilly monogrammed flops or these target flats?

69369C03-DDAE-4AA0-911E-C1FFC0957BBAHow cute are these? I love anything monogrammed! Marleylilly boutique is all about monogramming.. they have everything from beauty bags and purses to jackets and swim suits even monogrammed jewelry.

9EAE86F1-3854-46BA-947E-778D22B52100So I’ve been looking for some new pj’s for the summer and Everywhere I looked… I came across cute sets for 60 to 100 dollars… no thank you! So roaming all isles of TJ Maxx (of course) the other day I came across this 3 piece set for only $24.99 y’all! $24.99!!!!! (Using my high pitch eeek voice) I could not pass this one up! Super affordable, comfy, and stylish pajamas…. yes please


My ootd for this cloudy, cold, Sunday we’re having here in the desert Southwest. This three-quarter light pink cardigan is from TJ Maxx. I can’t get enough of these comfy v-neck tanks from impressions online boutique. I love some cute and comfy joggers and these light weight grey jogger pants are from Gap online and on sale y’all… I believe $30. Last but not least… you can’t be comfy and cozy without a cute pair of house shoes… furry moccasins are from amazon!

I get so much inspiration from a great tool called Pinterest (my best friend/app) I look at it like my forever and ever magazine. It helps you find your style! Remember: rules of fashion is there are no rules. Who invented you’re not supposed to wear white after labor day? Not me… I am all about a good white piece during winter. Or this… black and brown make a frown…. whoever said that doesn’t know a good outfit if they saw one. So first things first… find your style and then find your pieces. Happy shopping y’all! 

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