My skincare routine…

Growing up I never really used great skincare products… which I should of but never did and when I moved to Arizona 8 years ago… with the cause of Climate change, moving away from my family aka stress, becoming a brand new wife, etc. my face broke out to the point I was almost in tears one night. Never had I ever seen my skin so bad. The next day my husband came home from work with a proactive kit.  I thought to myself… okay I’ve seen the commercials, maybe this will work. Surprise surprise…. it did! I used proactive faithfully for a little over 7 years.

I had my son December of 2016 and boy oh boy did hormones change or what! My faithful skincare routine didn’t work for me anymore! A couple months ago I was introduced to Rodan and Fields. Knowing that it came from the same creators of proactive… I listened and did my research and quickly came to realize I knew I would love it.

Investing in your skin is so important. Living in a place that sees the sun 360/365 days out of the year is why it’s even more important to me and it should be for everyone. We invest in good quality makeup… why are you not investing in your skin? Your skin is the beginning. It’s where it all starts. It’s the foundation to all things beauty!

I’ve been using Rodan and Fields (reverse line) for 2 months now and I instantly saw results. After having Beau I developed melasma under my eyes… on the very top of my cheek bones to be exact. Seeing those spots lighten up was the first indication that this products works. You can barely see it anymore!

If you’re looking to invest in your skin or you’ve contiplated on Rodan and Fields. Take the plunge… you won’t regret it. It’s the number one skincare line out there… just ask Siri haha! No seriously… ask her.

I’m not a Rodan and Fields consultant. However when I use a good product I love to brag about it. So go find your Rodan and Fields consultant, take the consultants test, and find out which line is best for you.

06B18C2D-B60E-4B9F-99EE-E0A283668A80Step one… deep exfoliating cleanser

30869858-9707-4F66-BB63-78C8CCEAE8FDStep 2… TONER! Y’all I love a good toner.

1BF185CA-AFAC-4D1C-824C-2B5C5B099BB6Step 3… your brightening complex! Vitamin C and Retinol formula

76E1EB51-485F-4B1C-9C69-0BE1BA2E8EC2Step 4… your SPF

That is it.. just 4 steps twice a day!

100 percent worth the investment!

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