Making home a little cozy…



Good Sunday afternoon! So today Beau and I went out to pick up some goodies for the home and came across some great finds! I’m all about making my home feel warm, cozy, fresh, clean and always a place I can’t wait to come home to…

These decorative seat cushions (yes they are actually seat cushions) but who would of even known… I love the ruffled detail and neautral color. I thought they would be great for throw pillows. Found these at Homegoods for $19.99.

I also found this off white bench at Homegoods a few weeks ago and it’s been a great add on to my home.


These different textured neautral color pillows brighten up my living room and add a cozy feeling. Found these beauty’s at TJ Maxx. Also meet Benji (boxer) and Boomer (Sheppard mix)… my fur babies… my protectors also known as… Beau’s best friends.

Came across these candles while roaming the great home decor isles in Target! I can not go into target without going through this section. Picked up 2 of these babies… and who doesn’t love some blueberry muffins???


There is nothing like a bouquet of flowers to add a fresh and clean look to your home. They are colorful and inviting and full of life. This beauty was delivered to me yesterday unexpectedly from my mother and father in law.


I hope y’all enjoyed a mini tour of my home today and got inspired to invest in making your home a place where you want to be. When I was growing up I remember my mama taking much time and energy in our home and for that reason is why I have many memories. I only hope that I can do the same for my family.

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